• Apex reaches: Milwaukee

    Apex has announced that they will be taking teens this summer in 8th-12th grade (that means current 7th graders-11th grade) on a trip to Milwaukee, WI. Current 12th graders are encouraged to come as co-leaders! Check out more information by clicking the picture to the left.

  • Interested in serving in apex?

    Well, we're interested in talking with you! Each adult will be asked to fill out an application and background check. Click the image to be directed to the application. You will receive the background check in the form of an email after you complete the application. Thanks for your desire to serve our teenagers!

Apex online teaching - Mar 3, 2021

Apex parents & Guardians

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Apex student ministry


To help students love God, love others, and serve the world. 


Love God:

Apex's first purpose is to help students connect to Jesus and provide opportunities for every student to experience what it means to love God through conversation, musical worship, stories, Bible teaching and prayer. 

Love Others:

Apex's second purpose is to help students connect with each other and to an adult leader. We want every student to have an opportunity to experience what it means to be part of the body of Christ through small group discussions, communal worship, stories of success and failure, discipleship, evangelism and prayer. 

Serve the World:

Apex's third purpose is to provide students opportunities to live out their faith in real and practical ways. We want to obey Jesus' command to be servants and go into all the nations proclaiming the gospel.