At Crossview Church we love our city and our surrounding communities. We believe God has called us to make a “Christ-like impact” on our local community. Below are some things that guide us as a church family as we seek to reach out to our community.

Guides For Reaching OUt

  • God's Word

    God’s Word compels us to reach out to our community in ways that honor God. Jesus said “Just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21). We take that seriously. God has placed us in this city, at this time, and he has sent us out to carry out the mission and love of Jesus wherever we go. The Bible both motivates and guides us in our outreach efforts.
  • Our Call To Serve

    We want to serve our city as individuals and as one church family. At Crossview Church we believe every Christian has a calling and mission to impact the world God has placed them in. We want to equip the people of Crossview to individually reach out to their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities with the love and words of Jesus. All of us are called to minister to those God has placed in our lives and that is the primary way we as a church family will make a gospel difference in our city and beyond. Yet, we also believe there are times when we as a gathered church family can together minister to our city and the surrounding area. We will seek to be present in those opportunities as they arise.

  • Our Love For Community

    Our past relationships with our local community compel us to keep reaching out. We have wonderful relationships with various organizations and entities in our city and we are so grateful for that. We intend to continue to deepen and foster those relationships. We have often said that we want to minister to our city in such a way that if, God forbid, we ever had to close the doors at Crossview Church our city would grieve us being gone. We want to serve our local community in ways that truly bless them.

Want to serve?

We are grateful for the opportunity we have to embody the life and message of Jesus in our local community.  We are consistently listening to God and looking for ways we can reach out. If local outreach is something that interests you please let us know: