At Crossview Church we “Serve the World” by connecting, collaborating and partnering with area organizations and ministries to meet the needs of those in our city. We believe everyone has something to offer and consider it a privilege to help connect people with service opportunities. 

Take a moment and click on the logos below to learn more about what is happening in Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding areas. Crossview Church is proud to support these organizations and their missions. 

At Crossview Church, we believe everyone has a ministry. 

If you would like to explore the impact you could have on your community, we'd love to help  you do that! We have a form that will help you start that process. It is available as a downloadable PDF. It may take some time and will likely not be completed in one sitting. Once you have completed the packet, our team will meet with you to discuss further and encourage you in your unique opportunity to spread the love of Christ in your community. If you prefer to submit your packet through an online form, there is also a link for that below.

Download the Outreach Proposal Guide - PDF

If you prefer, submit your responses using our online form

  • Director of Outreach and Care

    If you are an individual who would like to serve the community or a local organization representative that would like to connect, 

    You can reach Jen Oswald via email

    or by calling 715-424-0800 x2008