• Our Mission

    Thank you for your interest in Crossview Church! At Crossview we are a group of imperfect people with a mission and a desire. 

    Our mission is to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World. This is what God wants us to do with our lives as we journey through life in this world. As disciples of Jesus, this is who we should become as individuals. We take this mission seriously, and all the actions and ideas of Crossview Church are filtered through this mission.

Our desire

We are also a group of people with a desire. We don’t want church to be a place where we just come out of obligation and without joy. As imperfect people we have hope in God’s desire to transform us to be more like his Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe church should be a place where you come expecting to encounter God and be changed by his love and presence. We call that a transforming community. This longing to encounter God and be transformed is who Crossview Church is at its core. The Bible says as this transformation is taking place there are characteristics that mark the church. We like to put it this way...

We are a transforming community marked by:

  • Biblical teaching

    We have a high view of the Bible as the Word of God and it will guide us in everything

  • merciful fellowship

    All of us are in need of God and one another so come as you are

  • devoted prayer

    We are dependent upon God for everything so we will seek Him always

  • living worship

    We worship God through surrendered and obedient lives

  • intentional outreach

    We consistently share the love and message of Jesus Christ

What we believe

We are part of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  

Here is our Statement of Faith