• A Christ-follower who walks beside a hurting person
  • A caring Christian who listens and supports
  • A volunteer who has received intensive training as well as ongoing supervision in the areas of discipleship, compassionate listening, and effective helping

Who would benefit from an Ally Minister?

Is life difficult right now and you feel you need someone to listen, encourage and share the love of Christ with you in a confidential, convenient and loving setting? Have you experienced loss, loneliness and despair? Are you dealing with difficult change, battling strongholds or navigating overwhelming circumstances? Are you struggling in your faith walk? If so, an Ally Minister can help.

How do I connect with an Ally Minister?
Please contact our Cares Team Director for information regarding a possible match with an Ally Minister.

Interested in serving as an Ally Minister? 

Fill out the Online Form or print the PDF Form and submit it to the office.